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    Upgrade your materials research capabilities with Park AFM

    Semiconductor-based device fabrication and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology have been major sources of the great success enjoyed by the modern high-tech manufacturing industry. Semiconductor-based device fabrication produces logic and vertical memory devices (fin structure, STI, TSV), liquid crystal displays (LCD), light-emitting diodes (LED), organic LED (OLED), and contact image sensors (CIS), etc. MEMS structures provide various photonic applications including the production of wave guide structures. In those industrial device manufacturing processes utilizing both semiconductor-based and MEMS techniques, reviewing (inspection) the correct dimension of device structures and any unintended defects on on them is critical to maximize productivity and cost-efficiency at every step of the whole in-line process.

    Recently, as the size of both device structure and defect becomes smaller, down to the range that optical inspection techniques are unable to detect, the need to review at higher and higher sensitivity has been increasing in the manufacturing industries. This has resulted in the adoption of techniques capable of nanometer resolution review such as atomic force microscopy (AFM).

    Many industrial researchers and engineers choose Park Automated AFM for their review of aspects of structural geometry such as feature height, pitch, critical dimension (CD), angle, and even sidewalls together with roughness analyses. This is due to their awareness of Park Automated AFM's accurate measurement results, low system noise, high-throughput rate, and minimized tip-to-tip variation from True Non-Contact™ mode AFM imaging technology.

    Park Systems is dedicated not just to advancing research, but industry as well.
    That’s why our designers have worked to build a line of the most effective AFMs for FA engineers and industrial applications. Allowing users to take highly accurate measurements and complete their work more quickly, these tools can improve efficiency in the workplace and reduce errors, leading to a more profitable, more consistent development and production process.

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